Ayami Yamamichi


Ayami is a national yoga + meditation teacher on a mission to ignite the love that resides in each of us as a vehicle to bring healing to the world.  Her teachings are rooted in deep study of self through the practices of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.  Her classes embody a balance of movement and stillness, mindful breath awareness, meditation, and spirituality that come together in a sweet portrayal of the grace of yoga.  Ayami believes that when we free our bodies through the beautiful movement of asana and pair that with the physiologically beneficial properties of focused breath, our minds can access more moments of ease and peace.  When ease becomes a consistent state through practice, we unveil clarity in our headspace that allows us to better engage with the constantly changing world.

A Wanderlust teacher, Lululemon ambassador, entrepreneur, author, and Community advocate - Ayami loves to explore ways of bringing people together so we may all contribute to raising our vibration for the betterment of this world.