Kapu Patel


Kapu and yoga found each other when YogaSoul first opened.   She has been practicing and exploring the physical and non-physical aspects of yoga ever since and is a graduate of YogaSou's teacher training.  Kapu loves that yoga may begin on the mat but translates into all aspects of life off the mat.  She especially enjoys the connection of breath and movement in the asana practice and is excited to bring that to her Slow Flow class.  

Kapu truly believes that yoga is for every body and everybody.  She shares a breath-based flow practice that offers students an opportunity to be energized yet rooted in a steady calm to explore each pose at their comfort level.  As someone who started yoga 'later' in life, Kapu realized that there is never a perfect time to start a practice.  The perfect time is when you arrive on your mat, for it's a journey that evolves with every practice.  Kapu encourages you to start your yoga journey now!